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Buy Lamp Shades Direct From Chinese Manufacturer

Home is the harbor in everyone's heart, so the home decoration is very important. Seize every detail of the decoration, add a warm lighting on your bedroom, living room or dining room is a good choice.

How do you choose the right lamp shade for your home decoration? We can see many different sizes and shapes of light shades on the market, such as oval, rectangular, drum, square and so on. Of course, you can also choose to customize the lamp cover beyond anyone's imagination.

dome lamp shades.jpg


For the shape, the drum lamp shade is a good choice for your home decoration or design. For the material, you can bring gauze or iron lamp shade to decorate indoor lighting, metal lamp shade is relatively strong, and has a long life, so it often used in outdoor or corridor and other places.


Lamp shades bring the vitality to home decoration, not only can illuminate every corner, but also make the decorative design become more charming. No matter how big your room, we can provide a variety of different size of lamp shade, I believe you will agree with our service.


You will find many places where you can purchase lamp shades, such as in local shops or resellers, or you can order online. Provide accurate size and style you want, we can offer customized services.

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