Hollow Out Study Desk Lamp TB1650

  • Hollow Out Study Desk Lamp
    Item No.: TB1650
    Item Size: D.13.5xH.39.5cm
    Packing: 1pc/box,6pcs/ctn
    Carton Size: 65*35*44CM
    MOQ: 100-1000pcs
    Price Range:
    Port: shenzhen
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Hollow Out Study Desk Lamp TB1650

Hollow Out Desk Lamp

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Table lamp is generally divided into two types, one is post type, and the other is clip type. Its function is to focus the lights in a small area for easy work and learning. General desk lamps are setted on bedroom, study room or office.

There are different kinds of table lamps available on AllMarket, such as reading lamps, portable table lamps, decorative table lamps .etc.,

Reading desk lamp can used for reading and writing, which can adjust the height of the lamp post, the direction and brightness of the light, mainly lighting reading function.

Decorative table lamp made with acrylic crystal beads, fabric lamps, metal lamp shades, bamboo lamp shades, its appearance looks luxury, materials and styles are diverse, used for decorative space.

A good table lamp shade can make table lamps have decorative fuction and lighting function, it is equally important. We as a professional table lamps manufacturer and supplier from China can supply a wide range of table lamp shades for overseas customer to select the right.

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